Where to buy second hand clothing?

Part of being more conscious about clothes is also to not necessarily buy new clothes but reuse- recycle clothes that have been worn before.

That sounds like a good idea if you don’t extremely care about wearing the latest fashion before everybody else, I’ve gathered a few options when considering buying used clothes. One of my main concern when shopping for used clothes is that I’d like them to still look and feel nice, not out of shape with faded colors, which you can sometimes find in thrift stores. It  is fine for costumes, not so much for everyday business attire…

With these expectations in mind, the first option to come to mind is the local second hand clothing store like the chain Crossroads, or independent shops around town (see list of second hand clothing stores in San Francisco) . Many times have I found t-shirts and dresses that looked pretty good, and the great thing in these stores is there’s a lot of clothes to search through, which I find overwhelming sometimes.

Second option is online shopping, ranging from tight budget to haute couture, here are a few options:

  • the most popular seems to be thredup.com for women and kids only, with clothes and accessories from typical to high end stores from as low as $5 up to $300
  • Vinted is targeting a younger crowd, I mean, in their twenties I should say, which some nice clothing
  • Poshmark is selling fashion, not clothing 🙂 That’s where you’ll find designer clothes and accessories at a much better price and most of the time, they are very well taken care of
  • Swap is on a lower end positioning, claiming cheap second clothes as their market, for all family members, with more than 90% of their items under $100


I have not tried any of the online shops, just because I do not really like to shop online for clothes. Would you consider buying at any of these options? Leave a comment to share your experience!




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