Day 1

I’ve been thinking for a while now about creating a web shop, I was not really sure of what, but to be able to apply the lean methodology to business and marketing activities. I thought it could be selling Hexo+, as our company does not focus on B2B anymore. Then, discussing this with friends, we imagined extending it to outdoor fun gear, I even registered the domain name, a place where you could find all the outdoor gear, basically REI…

And, to get some differentiation point, we’d actually make it green outdoor fun gear, only recycled, organic and green products, making it the one stop shop for all the adventure gear fo conscious humans. By buying organic clothing, delivering ugly organic veggies to my house and making my own cosmetics, I felt pretty into the conscious modern women, or wanna be at least.

Then, I realized I didn’t do the lean on this project, I did not make that much progress beyond the registration, one more fail even before starting 😦

But the idea still in my head, I tell Remi why I don’t do it, and it’s why I don’t do many other things: I don’t want to do it on my own, I don’t feel strong enough, intelligent enough to make it happen, and succeed. I need someone else to validate that I am not crazy, or even better, someone to be crazy with me ❤

Later this week, we’re having raclette, it’s only early October, but hey, there’s no bad time for a good raclette, at Aurelie’s place in St Martin d’Uriage. She has invited her friends Franck and Valentine, they were travelling around south east asia together and had a great time, are aligned on most values and they are interesting people. Franck is about to launch his soap business, natural slow process organic soap, to go back to real products, practices, the way people used to do it 100 years ago. Valentine is opening a bakery where she uses whole products and alternative grains to make some goodies, and I come to talk about my project to launch an online shop, but I don’t have anybody to do it with. And now I see Aurelie’s eyes lighting up and her voice “I do”. “I totally do!” she says. Ok let’s do it!

She comes over to my parents house the same night, we’re excited for our new adventure, I didn’t know she wanted to create a business in this area, I didn’t want to create with a good friend to not ruin anything – anyways, we have nothing as of now so let’s get to it!

Where do we start? Which products to choose, we need a selection, maybe a first step would be to start with cosmetics since there’s already a lot and a lot of people are looking for them and then we can extend into other products if that works to really become the Amazon of organic products.

Well, who are we talking to? Who’s our segment? hippies? bobo? peasants? We need to talk to the people we know, surf the web to really understand what we’re even trying to do and which problem we’re trying to solve with our webpage, otherwise, it’s recipe for failure. Let’s apply the lean methodology since the beginning. So before we start anything, let’s talk to people, and create content at the same time: let’s start with a blog, if nothing happens, we’ll still have a bunch of hippi-ish articles on a bunch of topics we’re interested in and our friends might too 🙂 By writing content and talking to people we’ll know a lot more about our not-yet-defined target problems and needs and we’ll find te way to better answer.

We’re thinking hippie-chic, basically Aurelie’s friends in Paris and my friends in the bay area, we both  live in pretty hippie-chic environnements and whether we like it or not, there’s money to be made, and it’s right out our doorsteps.

We make a kanban for our first iteration; Aurelie writes a blogpost and attends a show in Paris, I’m doing a competitive environment study, after all, I don’t shop for organic online… 😉

We’re so excited we send each other what’s app messages about the languages of our blogposts and how our Moms are gonna contribute. For now it’s called NatureNow on



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