Bored… and brilliant

From Note to Self podcast

Whether you feel glued to your phone or that you’re not creative anymore, do not meet new people, distracted…  you might be spending too much time on your phone

FYI, a mobile addict is when you open an app more than 60 times a day according to flurry analytics.

Downtime, resting your brain is crucial for your sanity and productivity. by filling eery moment of our life with a phone, we never let ourselves get bored. And we we do, that when the magic happens, daydreaming, et our brain go… we activite the default mode – creative thinking and problem solving

How to do so? 3 day challenge

They ran a survey, asked people to make the challenge, and see how it improved their lives

day 1 Get your freedom back! keep your phone out of sight, only pull it out when you have something speific to do – then put it away to make space for deeper thinking

day 2 Be in the moment, totally cliché:take no photos today, see the world through your eyes. If you don’t take pics, then try no text. If you want to tell someone about something, call them, share that moment in time and space. This reminds me of a great time in south africa when, my friends and I held that space together lifting off the ground as a group. The energy circulating between us was whole and committed. How about we try to replicate this more often instead of scattering our energy?
day 3 delete that app – take the app that takes most of your time on your phone away, so that you have free time instead of giving your brain to wander, spark deeper contemplation and creative ideas – wait, isn’t it what LSD does?
How does it feel? For being off the grid for a while, this has done me so good. This podcast is a great reminder to live now and stop projecting ourselves into a million other places. Thank you Manoush!
Listen to all the facts and stories in the Note to self podcast




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