Day 1

I’ve been thinking for a while now about creating a web shop, I was not really sure of what, but to be able to apply the lean methodology to business and marketing activities. I thought it could be selling Hexo+, as our company does not focus on B2B anymore. Then, discussing this with friends, we imagined extending it to outdoor fun gear, I even registered the domain name, a place where you could find all the outdoor gear, basically REI… And, to get some differentiation point, we’d actually make it green outdoor fun gear, only recycled, organic and green products, … Continuer de lire Day 1

The story of Burning Man

Burning Man turns 30: How a group of radical pranksters built a city in the desert FROM THE SUICIDE CLUB TO EARLY SILICON VALLEY TO FANCY DESERT RATS, HERE’S THE TALE BEHIND BLACK ROCK CITY AND ‘THE MAN’ By Jenny Kane for RGJ Burning Man was born 30 years ago as a bonfire beach party in San Francisco. An 8-foot-tall wooden stick figure planted in the sand of Baker Beach, and the Golden Gate Bridge loomed in the background. Three dozen avant-garde souls surrounded the recycled lumber effigy as it burned, the attendees summoned by two vagabond comrades, Jerry James and Larry Harvey. « It was like a second sun brought down … Continuer de lire The story of Burning Man